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Posted by The Galway Girl on 30th September 2009

Thriller Dance Prison Style

Posted by The Galway Girl on 28th September 2009

Fall Favorites

It’s here, finally! And I love it. Here they are, all my favorite things about fall. Pumpkins Apples Scarecrows Pumpkin Pie* Falling Leaves Piles and Piles of Leaves Apple Cider* Kids in Costume CANDY Jack-o-Lanterns Mums Pumpkin Patches… ok so I really love pumpkins Fall Colors Chili* Potato Soup* *Recipes coming soon!

Posted by The Galway Girl on 22nd September 2009

Online Flower Brokers

To say the least, I am no expert. But some recent events have caused me to think about who I prefer to order my flowers from. I am a big fan of using the internet to minimize the time required to order flowers or gifts for my friends and family. However, a recent purchase caused […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 19th September 2009

6 Unique Place Card Ideas

Be creative, do something unusual and unexpected and your guests will remember it for a long time. Some of my ideas require writing so hopefully you have nice handwriting or know someone who does. There are so many things that you can use as a place card if you just think outside the box a […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 16th September 2009

Shaving Commerical Controversy

Apparently, when these commercials aired, they caused quite a buzz. I am actually amazed that the first one ever aired, but it is pretty funny. Mow The Lawn- Schick Commercial Not as bold, but still funny. Trim Style

Posted by The Galway Girl on 14th September 2009

GF Chex® Muddy Buddies

More Gluten Free (GF) Recipes! There are endless snack opportunities with Chex® Cereal, because they are Gluten Free! At my house this is fondly known as Puppy Chow, but I guess this is the correct name for the dessert. Muddy Buddies 9 C. Chex® Cereal (Rice, Corn, Chocolate or Honey) 1 C. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 13th September 2009

The Galway Girl

Why I guess Galway is sort of a fantasy place to me. Well, Ireland itself is just a magical sort of place. And there is an awesome song: The Galway Girl by Steve Earle. Here are the lyrics: Well, I took a stroll on the old long walk Of a day -I-ay-I-ay I met […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 11th September 2009

9-11 Remembered

Who doesn’t remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on that day. For me it was History class, talk about irony. We will not forget.

Posted by The Galway Girl on 8th September 2009

My Must See List

These are a few of the places that I really want to see in my life-time. Ireland (Galway, Ireland pictured above.) Paris (Eiffel Tower) England (Castles, Stonehenge) Yellowstone (Geysers) Italy (Leaning Tower of Pisa) Grand Canyon Canada (Niagara Falls) Alaska Egypt (Pyramids) Greece Australia South Africa And some of the most amazing places I have […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 7th September 2009

I refuse to act like an adult

Who says that your are supposed to stop making a big deal out of your birthday at the age of 21! Yeah, maybe I’m not getting any younger. But this year I have decided that I want to celebrate and get the most out of it.What else is the point of keeping track? Whoo hooo, […]