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Posted by The Galway Girl on 22nd January 2010

Three Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas

1 Cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded 1 Cup Monterrey Jack Cheese, shredded 1 Cup Colby Cheese, shredded 2 Cup Cooked Chicken Breast, diced* 12 Flour Tortilla Shells 1 Medium Tomato Onion Seasoning Place one teaspoon of butter in a large skillet and then place one tortilla on top of that. Set heat to medium on the […]

Posted by The Galway Girl on 4th January 2010

Why aren’t there anymore ‘Gilmore Girls’?

As a teenager, I watched the ‘Gilmore Girls’ show with my mother every week. It was such a witty, fun and yet wholesome show (Otherwise my mother definitely would not have let me watch!). Anyway it seems that they just don’t make shows like it anymore and it saddens me. But I am sure that […]