Posted by The Galway Girl on 9th August 2009

August Rush

August is here and I just realized that the year is half over, but my favorite time of year is just around the corner. Jeremia laughs at me because I have walked through the school supply sections of every store around our house several times already. Not because I am desperately in need of pens, paper, notebooks, or crayons. But because I absolutely love this time of year. I guess it excites the child within me. I know that after school supplies comes pumpkins and scarecrows, and then snow. I love all of the seasons. Every time we are on the verge of breaking into a new one, I get excited. I love the beautiful color of the fall leaves, the serene peacefulness of winter, the emerging buds in spring, and the inescapable warmth of summer. It never gets old. Every year it seems to be more beautiful than it was before.

Enjoy the world around you, it’s okay to be a kid some times! Jump in the big pile of leaves. Carve a pumpkin. Build a snow man. Pick some flowers. Soak up the rays of sunlight, we only have a few weeks of warmth left!

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