Posted by The Galway Girl on 13th August 2009

Baby Stories


Everyone at my workplace, and just people in general have an opinion on when Jeremia and I should have children. Someone says something to me at least every week.

This week it was…. ” Well you two better get busy before you are too old to chase them around.” How old is too old too old to chase kids? I’m currently 25, it’s not like I am about to crawl into a wheel- chair. I understand wanting to be young to play with them. But, I am doubting that as soon as I hit 26 I will be boring and old!

So just as planned, we are still waiting. We both want kids, but we just aren’t ready yet…. and yes, I know you are never truly ready. I am beginning to think I have heard all reasons. Just because you get married does not mean you have to start popping out kids right and left. That is all I am saying!

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  1. Ashley DeWitt says:

    For sure! But when you do have my beautiful nieces and nephews, I will be down there so much more just to babysit their cute little faces! Just think about it… 😉

  2. Tam says:

    THat is the cutes baby I have ever seen… maybe you can have a baby that cute SOMEDAY!!!! :)

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