Posted by The Galway Girl on 16th August 2009

Carpet Cleaning


To tell the truth, I wish we didn’t have carpet, but my husband insist on keeping it in some rooms. However, we have this sweet little pug who is “potty trained” but still likes to sneak off and have accidents every once in awhile. Every time I catch her it makes me furious. But, then she gives me those sad little eyes, as if to say “I’m sorry.”

With this in mind, you can see why we carpet clean a lot. At first, I bought all the special steam-cleaning products. They all promised perfect results. But, I was very concerned with the air-pollution in our home, and all the chemicals that were left in the carpet too. So, we tried a variety of different things.

The concoction that we found to work the best was a combination of vinegar, water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. First, you vacuum to get up and bigger stuff. Then, you use the steam cleaner with it full of hot water and a couple of cups of vinegar. Then, you sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let it set for about 10 minutes. Then, run the steam cleaner over the carpet again, this time fill it with hot water, a cup of peroxide and a couple of drops of Dawn. Finally, run the steam cleaner, with hot water only, to get it all up.

The vinegar actually neutralizes the pet urine because it contained so much ammonia. The baking soda acts as a general deodorizer. And, the peroxide with dish detergent cleans and oxidizes. The peroxide creates an oxidation reaction, similar to the “oxy-cleaners”. This process is somewhat long, but it creates much better results. This works wonderfully when your carpet gets really dirty.

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    This actually helps me. Thanks sis!

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