Posted by The Galway Girl on 31st December 2008

Clean more green for 2009

If you are like me, after taking down all of those treasured holiday items you are ready for a good house cleaning. I like my bathroom to smell “clean” and sparkle after a good scrub, so I admit I have been skeptical about Green Cleaning Products. However, after reading the precautions behind several of my household cleaners, I made a 180° turn in my thinking.

Its easy to say that all the “green thinking” is just hype to get us to buy different products etc. But I think it is time that we all take a look at what exactly we are exposing our families to. For example, a little known fact: The major ingredient in most air fresheners is formaldehyde. If you have ever taken a biology lab, you probably known this is what is used to preserve carcasses for dissection. Hmm…. so how does it end up in our air fresheners?  According to an article I read on, there are actually ingredients that deaden the nerve ending in our nasal passage ways in a lot of these air fresheners. Wow!

So how do I know which household cleaners should I stay away from? It is so obvious, but somehow we all miss it because for years we have used them without even thinking about it. Look at the warnings stamped right on the bottle! If they say CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER there is a reason. Anything that contains a large amount of Chlorine is very dangerous. They are usually prevalent in dish washing detergents, so look for ones that say “chlorine free” or “phosphate free”. Bathroom cleaners are the worst, they contain a multitude of harsh chemicals. And often we thrown them all together in a small closed up room and the end result is often a major headache. Consider cleaning with natural things like vinegar, or borax.

Instead of exposing yourself and your family to these terrible fumes, make a goal for 2009 to gradually change the way you clean. What is the worst that could happen? You may just cure your own headaches, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Getting rid of these carcinogens in your very own home is sure to have a profound affect on your life. When you go shopping next time think natural and look for cleaners that say NON-TOXIC. Clorox brand has come out with a whole line of non-toxic cleaners called green works, but you can also use regular old vinegar, borax, etc. More to come later…

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