Posted by The Galway Girl on 17th December 2009

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Stockings

Some traditions just can’t be forgotten or left behind. My husband and I decided that we want to carry on special holiday traditions from our families, and pass them on to our “eventual family”.

So this year, we bought our first special Christmas Tree Ornament as a married couple… and yes it was a “First Christmas” ornament. We plan on getting an ornament every year that represents something special that has happened to us that year.

Another tradition, which I know everyone does this, is the Christmas Stocking. But, my husband and I decided to try and make them really fun this year. So it has more fun stuff, not just the regular stuff like new tooth brushes and socks etc.Even our puppy, Daisy, gets a stocking full of toys!

Also, something that my family has done for a long time now is Christmas PJs. Since my husband doesn’t really sleep in pajamas too often he gets Christmas boxers!

I know I have talked about our tradition of the Christmas Countdown before. We won’t start that tradition until we have kids, but it is such a great tradition. You just leave a note in the countdown box everyday in December up to Christmas day and that note has some clues that lead to a “surprise”. It was usually something really small, but I loved hunting for and finding those little surprises as much as opening my presents on Christmas day.

So the important thing in all the traditions is just being together and spending time with the people you love.

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