Posted by The Galway Girl on 19th December 2008

Giving Homemade Desserts

It is easy to make your wonderful homemade desserts a beautiful gift. Start by choosing how you want them packaged: a nice holiday plate, a vintage tin, or even a simple paper box.

If you want give your desserts on a nice holiday plate, buy a set of 4 and they are usually a little less expensive. Then take your plates and place a sampling of your favorite holiday cookies and candies. Then cover with colored (Red, green, or blue are great for Christmas!) plastic wrap. Or you can use colored cellophane wrap, just bunch it together on top of the plate and tie together with coordinating ribbons. For a little extra dazzle, add a candy-cane or an ornament  to the ribbon.

If you are planning on using a vintage tin or a simple paper box (My personal favorite!), buy a variety of holiday colored tissue paper and treat bags to go with them. Then when you are filling then with your favorite holiday treats, you can used those bags to seperate and protect them. So package your treats in the treat bags, or wrap with plastic wrap. Then take a coordinating pierce of tissue paper, place in your box or tin. Then position the packaged treats inside, and fold the tissue down over them. Close you container and tie a beautiful ribbon around it.

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