Posted by The Galway Girl on 15th December 2008

Holiday Memories

I am about to get married and my fiance and I are starting our own Christmas traditions. So, it got me to thinking about all the wonderful holiday traditions I grew up with. I have an amazing family and looking back there are so many special memories and things that I experienced as a child. I can not wait to share all of these special moments with my husband to be. So, I thought I would just take a moment and reflect on a few of those moments.

One of my favorite memories with my dad is putting up our Christmas lights. We used to spend hours scheming and planning. We had Santa and Reindeer to go on the roof, huge Christmas trees, icicles… on and on the list goes. One year, my dad moved my wooden play-house to the front yard and we decorated it with lights. Then, we put Santa and the Reindeer on the roof. Each and every year, our front yard was magically transformed into a winter wonderland.

My mom, sister, and I would spend hours in the kitchen making the best Christmas cookies and candies. We always ended up with a lot more food than any of us could eat, but the memories are irreplaceable. To this day I still love getting together with them to dip pretzels and make ginger-bread houses!

Christmas countdown tops the chart as my favorite Christmas memory! My parents always had a countdown set up that started on the first day of December. There was a box for everyday that held a note. Each note had various clues to help us find a little hidden surprise. The memories are not about what we got, but more about the anticipation and excitement. One year my dad hand crafted a new wooden countdown. It was painted white with little red knobs on the drawers and two mailboxes on top with a little red flags. This countdown is now a priceless item in the family!

I could go on and on but the moral of the story is that toys are gifts are not what is important. In fact, they are a dime a dozen (as my dad used to say). The memories, however, are priceless! Spend time, make memories because they truely do last a life-time. Time is the only thing we never have enough of and can not get any more of.

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  1. Nathalie says:

    “There was a box for everyday that held a note. Each note had various clues to help us find a little hidden surprise.”
    How exactly did this work?
    Did each child get a gift or did they have their own day to look at a note for a clue?
    This is a really cute idea and that I would like to do.

  2. The Galway Girl says:

    There were only 2 kids in my family, my sister and I. My mom always had us read the note together and try to find the “prize” together, if possible. It was never anything big, just fun stuff like packages of gum, book marks, stickers, etc.There were always one item for each of us, hidden together. She gave us clues like “under mom’s favorite place to sit and read”. She always made it something easy, something we could guess.

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