Posted by The Galway Girl on 12th October 2009

More Easy Adult Costumes


  • Prisoner– Bright orange scrubs work great for this, just add some black numbers to the back and the pockets.
  • Black Cat– This costume is pretty flexible, you can wear a black party dress, or some black tights and and form fitting black shirt. Even a set of black scrubs would work. Then, find something for the tail (a black flashy boa works great. Paint on a black nose and some whiskers. Add a headband with pointy ears (maybe use construction paper to make your own ears) to complete the costume!
  • Tourist– Wear a pair of khaki’s and a tropical print shirt. Accent with sunglasses, a camera around the neck, a straw hat, and maybe a fanny pack. Then. finish the outfit with a pair of white tennis shoes. If you are wearing shorts it is funny to put really tall black sorts with them.
  • Copy Cat– This is not really a “cat” it means try to look and dress just like someone you know who will be at the same event.
  • Secret Agent– Black suit, sun glasses, and a mysterious black hat are about all you need. Then just play with your cell phone and act obscure all night.
  • Diva Rockstar–  Number one rule for this outfit is wild hair, maybe a wig or maybe use some temporary hair color to put streaks in your hair. Then wear a lot of make-up and probably some fake eyelashes. Then wear something like a black vest over a white button up shirt and a plaid school girl skirt. Then, wear knee high socks and platform shoes. Top this outfit off with a pair of bi sunglasses.
  • Doctor– This one is too easy all you need are some light green scrubs (the the surgeon scrubs) and a medical paper hat. Then just wear some tennis shoes and a stethoscope, if you can find someone to borrow one from.

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