Posted by The Galway Girl on 7th September 2009

I refuse to act like an adult


Who says that your are supposed to stop making a big deal out of your birthday at the age of 21! Yeah, maybe I’m not getting any younger. But this year I have decided that I want to celebrate and get the most out of it.What else is the point of keeping track?

Whoo hooo, it’s 1 month 8 days and 2 hours til’ my 26th birthday!!! And this year, I want a party, not a small soiree of friends eating out for dinner. I will save that for when I have kids and am too tired to care about what day it is. But for now I will live it up, if I want to. I mean, of course, another day to celebrate.I will celebrate it. Have fun. Live life to the fullest!

For the past several years, I have acted like such a grown-up about it! I have politely said, “Oh yes it is my birthday, thank you for remembering.” I always loved birthdays as a kid, so why are we supposed to automatically start to hate getting older??? What is the point? Right? I’m thankful that I am giving that up at a early age. I want to live. I refuse to be ashamed of my age. Ever. Yes, I have already found a few gray hairs that I automatically plucked from my precious scalp. But, no I will not quit celebrating.

I want to have fun and enjoy every moment, no more will I let one slip by unremembered. I want to splurge and eat chocolate cake until my heart is content. I want to go out and act like a kid who is having the time of her life (responsibly, of course).

This year I will kick up my heals and have the time of my life. That is my goal. That is my gift to myself.

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