Posted by The Galway Girl on 5th August 2009

Make Your Own Art

There are some very easy things that you can make, all you need is a little creativity (even if it is borrowed creativity). Pictures with geometric shapes are very popular right now, and honestly not that hard to make. For example, buy a piece of plywood at Lowe’s and some regular art paint and the possibilities are endless. But for ideas look at You can even sign up for their free magazine.

If you aren’t so comfortable with just free painting consider using a geometric cut-out rug as a guide. Lay it over a dry piece of plywood wood that already has some sort of pre-treatment on the wood… whatever you prefer, maybe paint or stain. Then, just fill in the blank spaces on the rug with spray paint in your chosen color.

Another easy picture is to press some pretty leaves or flowers, depending on the season, into a beautiful frame. This idea is especially cool because you can change those pictures out to go with the seasons; Use colorful flowers in the spring, beautiful folidge in the summer, colorful leaves in the fall, and sprigs of pine or cedar trees in the winter.

If you are handy with a camera, take you own photos. Have them printed up in large prints and professionally framed, you might be surprised at how beautiful they turn out. When you create your own pictures to decorate with, the end result is often something that you will cherish for many years to come. Use nature and the changing seasons as inspiration. It is a beautiful world out there!

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