Posted by The Galway Girl on 30th July 2009

Men vs. Women

We all know there are numerous differences and I am certainly no expert on the matter. Some differences between my husband and I are so funny though, some of if has to be similar to what other couples experience.

For example, when I ask “Are the clothes dry?” and he says “Not yet, they need to be fluffed.” To me that translates to “I don’t feel like getting them out right now, so I will turn them back on for a little while.” Another difference is when I ask him “Can you call and make a dentist appointment for us?” His response to that type of request is usually “Ok!”, but I know that really means I should just go ahead and do it because chances are that he won’t remember.

But I certainly can’t say that the communication faults are only one way. He tends to get a little upset when I roll my eyes because to him it means ” I’m annoyed” but to mean it can me a million different things. But, I just don’t use as much verbal communication as he does. And, when I’m upset for whatever reason, his response is “Well what do you want me to do babe?” There is NOTHING you can do, just let me be. Maybe, just maybe I want to be upset right now… That’s how I do it. I sulk. I pout. And then I get over it. But guys like to fix things, that’s just how it is.

These funny little things occasionally cause tension between couples. But you just have to know that men and women are just wired diffent. So, we just have to learn to laugh through the differences. I love my husband! What can I say, he puts up with me and he does it with a lot of grace.

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