Posted by The Galway Girl on 22nd September 2009

Online Flower Brokers


To say the least, I am no expert. But some recent events have caused me to think about who I prefer to order my flowers from. I am a big fan of using the internet to minimize the time required to order flowers or gifts for my friends and family. However, a recent purchase caused me to examine it a bit further.

Customer service is a  big issue with me. I care about what I order and I want the people who are helping me to care as well. Just like everone else out there, I want the nicest for the best price. Do I have to sacrifice customer service to get that? No. I refuse to be treated like an just another number!

WHY??? I’m a paying to have it taken care of for me… yes, taken care of. I could do it myself but I am entrusting that job to someone else. There I have said it. I would rather use someone that actually cares. Is that so hard to believe in this world we live in.

Okay, so back to the story that brought on all this. I sent my mother flowers this week. I didn’t expect the best but I at least expected to get what I paid for. I decided to use They were running some specials, so I went for it. I have not ordered from a place where they don’t send the flowers through an actual florist. But, I have seen flowers from before and they were nice enough.To my dismay the flowers were delivered late that night by UPS and there was no vase. Seriously, you spend $50 on flowers and there better be a vase. So I looked at the order, it says vase included. So I call the company to tell them how disappointed I am that my flowers arrived and there wasn’t a vase. Can you believe that they did not even apologize. The lady let me know very plainly that they will simply redo the order, but the tone in her voice sounded like she was annoyed that I had even called.

Why is that? I just want to know that there are real people there who understand that I had order my mother flowers for a special surprise and felt I was overcharge and under-appreciated. I chose them. I gave them my business, my money. But never again. Not when I can’t even get a simple apology. So the point of all this ranting… If you are a company in the business of selling things (anything), use the mishaps to sell the customer on what a good company you are. Have a little humility sometimes that is worth more than what they are buying.

Next time I will use again.

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