Posted by The Galway Girl on 4th January 2010

Why aren’t there anymore ‘Gilmore Girls’?

As a teenager, I watched the ‘Gilmore Girls’ show with my mother every week. It was such a witty, fun and yet wholesome show (Otherwise my mother definitely would not have let me watch!). Anyway it seems that they just don’t make shows like it anymore and it saddens me. But I am sure that there are shows like that from other generations. Perhaps there are people that feel that way about… ‘ I Love Lucy’ or ‘Leave it to Beaver’.

Anyway, I was very sad a few years back when they stopped running them, fortunately they are still on re-runs on ABC Family. And, I own the first six seasons that I can watch anytime I need to get a “fix”. Anyway, just thought I would share my “gilmore girls passion” because there are bound to be some other people out there as crazy about them as I am.

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  1. The Galway Girl says:

    I’ve been stuck at home with the flu, and guess what I have been watching!

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