Posted by The Galway Girl on 16th March 2010

Favorite Branson Shows

From someone who lives in and loves Branson, MO; here are my favorite shows. These are shows I take my family to, when they are in town.

  1. SIX– This is six brothers who sing acapella, and use their voices to perform these amazing sounds and melodies. Every time I am looking around for some instruments, but there aren’t any!
  2. Legends in Concert– True they are impersonators, but they are great… the Blues Brothers, especially, they always have so much energy.
  3. Yakov Smirnoff– Love good comedy? Then, this is the guy for you!
  4. Andy Williams– He is only here in the fall through Christmas, but always an outstanding show.
  5. Oak Ridge Boys– Who doesn’t love these guys? Sadly, they only perform in Branson on select dates.
  6. Baldknobber’s Jamboree– Do not forget this show. As one of the original shows in Branson, you can’t get much more ‘Branson’ than this. This show is just a little country, he-haw comedy show.
  7. Pierce Arrow– Never heard of these guys? Well they are big in Branson; this show has some of country’s biggest hits, and one of the funniest comedians in town.
  8. Noah the Musical– This show is a fantastic production! Live animals and a huge stage that looks like an arc.

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