Posted by The Galway Girl on 22nd March 2010

Is Branson, MO like a little Vegas?

Not quite, here are a few differences.

Branson, MO does not have any casinos. You can drive over to the Missouri/Oklahoma border (about 1 hr.), or up to Saint Louis or Kansas City (about 4 hrs.), but there aren’t any right in Branson.

Branson shows are typically much cheaper than shows in Las Vegas. Shows in Vegas cost in the hundreds typically, while Branson shows typically range in the $30 to $70 range. Also, Branson does not usually get as many of the really big stars as Vegas does. However, a lot of the older stars come to Branson more oftenĀ  than a lot of other places.

Branson is not open as long of hours as Vegas. Most restaurants close by 10pm and most attractions do as well. Even the shopping in only open til 9pm in the malls.

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