Posted by The Galway Girl on 18th August 2010

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is a favorite among the young and the old. It offers such an array of activities that everyone will have a great time. My family loves riding the rollar coasters and the wet rides (when it’s really hot)! We always have to visit the candy store where they are sure to be baking up something yummy (I love the peanut brittle!). For lunch, I usually can’t pass up the skillets or somethimes the BBQ.

It really amazes me, all the different things you can see there. On one corner someone is carving wood, then there is someone blowing glass in another area, and someone baking some of the tastiest treats you have ever eaten. The guy that makes the pig rinds is always fun to visit with.

At Christmas they have the biggest and most beautiful light display that I have seen anywhere. I always have to ride the train to see all the lights and sing along with the Christmas Carols. They also have the best hot cocoa and apple cider… I am ready for Christmas to be here just thinking about it!

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