Posted by The Galway Girl on 6th August 2009

Destination Wedding

My husband I chose to do a destination wedding in Cozumel, Mexico. It was inexpensive and wonderfully exciting. What is more beautiful than getting married on the beach in front of your most intimate friends and family?  These days everyone gets so wrapped up in having the biggest, most beautiful wedding. They ultimately forget the true meaning and reason behind it.

The point is that you are having celebration. You want to share this wonderful commitment with everyone you love because it is such a big special day in your life. But if you are so busy that you forget to enjoy the beauty of the moment, it is almost a pointless charade. That is why I encourage all my friends and family to do what we did. Go away to where ever inspires you and have the most intimate, beautiful wedding imaginable.

We could not have asked for a better experience. From the moment we arrived at the resort (Mr. Sanchos), we were amazed at how well everything had been prepared and planned for us. I didn’t spend the whole time wondering if the flowers would be on time or if the music would be right, or the other millions of things that you worry about on your wedding day! We went through a wedding planner named Stephanie with They are awesome! I called them a few weeks before the wedding spastic and scared that everything wasn’t alright and they assured me I had nothing at all to worry about, and they were right.

Wherever you get married, make sure it is right for you. There are so many beautiful places to get married. Look at for more ideas and help planning.

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